Delicious food in Meo Vac, Hà Giang

Delicious food in Meo Vac, Hà Giang

Meo Vac District belongs to Ha Giang. Cau Vac is a region with many tourist attractions, creating a multicolored picture such as Ma Li Leng National Scenic Spot, Flower Forest, Khau Vai Love Market … Let Mytour support you to To make your reservation at the Meo Vac Hotel quick and easy, please select your preferred dates of stay and proceed with our secure online booking form.

Once you come to Meo Vac, try the tasting of Thang Long, to feel the warmth spreading between the vast clouds and the peace and simplicity of the land of highland.
Let’s enjoy delicious dishes from Meo Vac
If Ha Giang is famous for specialty triumphs, then to me, it is really fascinated from the pure but pure Thang. We chose Meo Vac as the last stop in the journey to conquer Ha Giang, the land front of the country. From Dong Van to Meo Vac is late afternoon. My group, everyone is tired and hungry. We drove around the town, exploring the specialties here for a dinner menu. To Meo Vac market, which is the kind of cake, bread, sticky rolls, smoked steak full of attractive but leave the attraction in me is the Thang Long, the cake looked familiar but strange.
Broth is one of the factors that make the taste delicious, unique of this cake. Although they are made from water, sugar, ginger, but each person has the secret to make biscuits, to separate the water to ensure the spicy, moderate sweet.

I steamed the hot bowl of smoke, I sniffed to warm spicy flavor in the taste, then enjoy 2 – 3 small cake at a time, put in the mouth and feel the toughness of sticky rice Blends with the spicy se se of ginger, up the scent of sesame peanuts. In the midst of the cold of winter, just eat and feel the bowl of bread winners will warm the hearts of all customers when they conquered the passages of the sleeve. In the early morning, in the Meo Vac market, we will make an appointment to enjoy Thang Long once again to feel and remember the warm flavor on the land of Ha Giang …

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Travel to Moc Chau in white plum blossom season

Travel to Moc Chau in white plum blossom season

Coming to Moc Chau in the white plum blossom season, you will like to go to Wonderland where white plum blossoms all over the hills and valleys, creating beautiful scenery like paradise midway between clouds.Moc Chau has plum blossom season, invite friends to hunt beautiful photos. Let’s explore with: ESSENTIAL THINGS TO PACK FOR SIEM REAP

Moc Chau in white plum blossom

Moc Chau in white plum blossom- source: internet

The road is favorable, the climate is cool all year round and the flora of four seasons bloom … Moc Chau is always the number one address for short breaks in the North.

White plum blossom flower is characteristic of Moc Chau plateau. After cold winter days, when the weather began to warm up, the plum orchards in Moc Chau, began to bloom white flowers in the mountains, creating a poetic and romantic scenery. Beautiful plum blossoms are not only fragile, but also because when they are blooming, the flowers will burst out massively.  Cua Van fishing village

Moc Chau

Moc Chau- source: internet

According to the experience of Moc Chau tourism, plum blossom hunting is the best time for blooms to last from January to mid February. However, depending on the weather each year, the time of plum blossom may be sooner or later. .

However, Moc Chau plum blossom season is very fast, only brilliant in 2-3 weeks and then fade away to replace the beautiful young plum. 5 summer experience in Phan Thiet

The most beautiful flowers are Phieng Canh, Van Ho, Long Luong, Ba Khe, Thong Cuong, Pa Phach, Tan Lap, Ang …, especially you have to deep in the village to have beautiful frames. In particular, the forest area in the village of Ang and the road to Long Sap gate is the place with the most plum blossom, the most beautiful plum blossom.

Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village is a unique wonder in the heart of HaLong Bay luxury cruise – World Heritage Site was twice recognized by UNESCO.
Where is Cua Van fishing village?Cua Van fishing village belongs to Hung Thang ward (Ha Long city) located in the calm sea area surrounded by rocky mountains. This area is ideal for anchorage. The village is far away from the shore when tens of kilometers along the cliffs as the valley on the sea. There, the houses are next to each other, small, beautiful. No noisy car horn only the fishermen call each other, the beams on the fishing boat chase after the mountains echo.

Cua Dai village

Cua Dai village- source: internet

Origin of Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village originated from two ancient villages, Giang Voong and Truc Vong, and the islands became an integral part of Halong Bay. At the floating fishing village of Cua Van, more than 300 households are living mainly by fishing. The households here set up raft houses along the edge of the rocks. The generations of fishing village life lived on boats and attached to the sea. Children from 4-5 years old know how to swim paddle.

What is interesting about Cua Van fishing village?

Cua Van fishing village is one of the attractive tourist attractions of Ha Long Bay, which is listed on website list of 16 most ancient villages in 2012 by ancient, charming and preserving traditional culture. egg.
The fishing village is located at a distance of tens of kilometers from the cliffs of the sea. There, the houses are next to each other, small, beautiful. No whistling car as booming on the shore, only the fishermen call each other to ask each other, the beams on the fishing boat chase after the mountains echo. Travel to Moc Chau to pick plum
The generations of fishing village life lived on boats and attached to the sea. They consider the boat is home, the sea is home, attached to Ha Long Bay both soul and body. Children from 4 to 5 years know how to swim paddle.
Coming to Cua Van fishing village, tourists not only have a chance to see the natural scenery of the sea, learn the cultural life of the fishermen but when the night falls, visitors can also sail around the village, Understand the cultural life of fishermen in the sea.

Cua Dai village

Cua Dai village -source: internet

According to the village fishing village, under the moonlight, visitors can spread the net, ink off the sea, bring back their own processing interests, enjoy the seafood they caught. In particular, on the occasion of the festival, or wedding guests also hear the song singing, rowing (line form with many folk songs of the Gulf). All of them create an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Travel to Moc Chau to pick plum

Travel to Moc Chau to pick plum

Even from late afternoon till late evening, each household still has to send a person to sleep in the garden to be able to monitor and care for plum trees. Despite the hard work, the hills are filled with talking, laughing, singing of local people here. The visitors will have the opportunity to go into the plum garden to enjoy the ripe plum, take photos and together harvest plums with local people. Holidays Indochina
pickkk plum in Moc Chau

pickkk plum in Moc Chau- source: internet

Moc Chau is famous for its vast plum blossoms, plum orchards when it comes to the season. White plum blossom is considered a typical beauty of Moc Chau, which makes it different from other places. Some flowers such as cauliflowers, wild sunflowers in Moc Chau do not scatterly grow but often blossom as a hill or valley. : Coming to Moc Chau, Son La these days, visitors can admire the thousands of plum trees lying along the roads. Any tourist who travels to the Northwest of Vietnam also wishes once in a lifetime to come to Moc Chau plum garden to enjoy the fresh and ripe plums. And the heart of people, standing before a blooming white plum hills do not have to wonder which tree is more beautiful than any tree. . Like plum flowers, tens of thousands of trees grow close together, so at the right time the whole plum hills blossom like a new white coat in a pure blue sky. Visitors immerse in the beauty of Moc Chau with white plum blossom. However, plum flowers only beautifully bloom within 2 to 3 weeks, so if tourists intend to go to Moc Chau, arrange the best occasion. At the moment before or after Lunar New Year, Moc Chau welcomes many tourist arrivals, who want to admire the beauty in plum blossom season. At this time on the hills, there always exist H’Mong girls and boys, who are taking care for each plum tree to have the best harvest. Pelican cruises halong bay

Moc chau

Moc chau

When the plum season comes, they go to the garden to directly buy and sell in delta area. Moc Chau Plateau is blessed with favorable climate for plum trees to grow and develop, which help producing crispy, fresh and quality plum in comparison with plums in the other areas The joy and happy smile of the people when their hard work is achieved as plum not only brings beauty to the plateau but also a great source of income for the villagers. Fresh and delicious plums after harvest will be sold to dealers in the garden or many families will directly bring plums to the market.

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Dring tea in Saigon

Enjoy Banh xeo in Vietnam

Enjoy Banh xeo in Vietnam

Enjoy Banh xeo in Vietnam

Not only a country with tons of amazing destinations to travel, but also a food heaven where you will fall in love immediately when you set your foot here. You can read more: Sticky rice for breakfast in Hanoi

The secret is the regions of VietNam produce an incredible variety of ingredients, whether meats and fish, vegetables, and herbs and spices, a benefit unparalleled in neighboring cultures and cuisines.  Maybe you’ve read about it previously but seriously, the experience of trying it yourself is more fun wayof course.  But I think this name is not really good translation for Banh Xeo. Actually, the origin of Banh Xeo is not in Hanoi, this is a traditional cake of Southern province of Vietnam. For Vietnamese, if it had that name, it was because the sound when we prepare this speacil dish. Just my guest, of course.

banh xeo

banh xeo

When I traveled to Hoi An, a small and old town in Da Nang, I had a chance to take part in making Banh Xeo. Have them ready in the beginning of each step. Then for the filling some fatty belly pork, carrots, and some pear squash for sweetness and flavor heart.  The trick is to hold the pan and thrown the batter in from the side and imediately add some vegestable such as carrot, spring onion and if you have something like bean sprout that’s really nice as well. When you lift it up, the golden batter looks perfect, that is good to go turn that over.  Then add your selection of fresh vegetables served in the basket  and roll the leaf neatly. That’s enough to attract a lot of tourists coming to. After you have a roll, dip in fish sauce included minced garlic, red chili in small pieces, a little sugar and lemon or vinegar instead and have a big bite to taste all that flavors in your mouth! Superb! Dring tea in Saigon

enjoy banh xeo

enjoy banh xeo- source: internet


How to choose Van Don in Halong to travel

Van Don Island district and Cam Pha ward is one of the best spots to explore in Vietnam. If you are planning to travel on Halong Bay cruise, let’s see some popular Halong Bay Cruise routers.
travel to Van Don

travel to Van Don- source: internet

Located on Bo Hon Island, in the center of the UNESCO-declared World Heritage area, the Sung Sot or Surprise Cave is one of the widest and finest grottoes of Halong Bay. Including steep slopes, a tilt with a bank of white sand, flat, Ti Top Island is a must-visit destination of all the cruise ships. Cua Van fishing village is a place where travelers are immersed in not only quiet, peaceful atmosphere, strangely seductive. To explore the splendid and majestic world wonder of Halong Bay, there are many optional Halong Bay cruise routes as follow. Additional points in the route: Bo Nau Cave (Virgin Cave, Luon Cave or Trong Cave).

Halong Bay in Vietnam

Halong Bay in Vietnam- source: internet

Dog Rock, Ba Hang fishing village, Dinh Huong Islet, Fighting Cocks (Ga Choi), Hoa Cuong fishing village.

Heavenly Palace (Thien Cung) Cave – Dog Rock, Ba Hang fishing village, Lu Huong – Dinh Huong Islet, Fighting Cocks (Ga Choi), Hoa Cuong fishing village.

Surprise Cave – Soi Sim or Ti Top Beach, Me Cung Cave – Luon Cave or Trinh Nu (Virgin) Cave or Trong Cave or Fairy Lake and Bo Nau Cave.

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Some tips for travel Westlake in Hanoi

Some tips for travel Westlake in Hanoi

Westlake is an ideal and romantic location for couples dating, not only by the beautiful scenery, but also by the dreamy, poetic view of this place. And the lake probably becomes brilliant with the most worth-waiting-moment at the end of the day- when sunset falls and it covers the scene.

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Westlake in Hanoi

Westlake in Hanoi- source: internet

Westlake is a romantic location for couples dating, not only by the beautiful scenery, but also by the dreamy, poetic view of this place.

Beside, the Water Park was built with large scale, modern system of recreational games, meet the needs of tourists and residents. Besides, the Water Park  in westlake attracts huge amount of tourists while traveling this sight.  The drooping willow in a winter afternoon, the flickering of pure morning create a charming destination with various kinds of activities.  People are also keen on strolling around the lake to sniff the air, go somewhere else or back home. Make a tour Westlake by bike also brings a lot of benefits, especially for health. About fifty years ago, people mostly went up to the west of Westlake to buy Nhat Tan peach blossom, to go to the “Phu Tay Ho”.

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Westlake- source: internet

The wide area of lake and the scenic beauty can give a points clear view from the shore to the other side. A lot of trees surround the lake, covering tourists in a hot and sunny day. Scenery changes miraculously, tourists can easily observe the dawn or sunset with romantic view. Westlake is located in the northwest of Hanoi capital with an area of 500ha, the long road around the lake near  about 20km.