Moc Chau in winter- things to know

Travel to Moc Chau in winter, on the harvested cornfield waiting on the new crop, the wildflowers blooming. The most prominent of which is the five-color flowers (also called five tastes).
Wildflowers very normal, just as corn was new discrete pale blue perk nothing remarkable. Yet through the month, the corn was abandoned purple glow gentle, wild. Indochina bike tours

Moc Chau in winter

Moc Chau in winter -source: internet

This wild flower in Moc Chau beautiful, beautiful because vitality, tiny, fragile, but spread across the hillsides along Highway 6 from Van Lake up to Moc Chau. It seems we have cherished a year to wait until the start of winter that rise and natural glory. Stood looking down from above or below the line of sight on the hillside, just saw purple patches covered with a smooth layer of jacket, or startled to encounter the pine forest interrupted about dreams. Little closer, can feel the beauty of this flower that brings thousands of petals are pale purple lithium brought close together forming a small flower head about the little finger. Each plant some flowers, so that both fields purple glow blue mingles with the young leaves, sometimes early winter sunshine, golden honey pouring from the rays evokes that are standing in the first picture of nature colorful romantic.

cai flower in Moc Chau

cai flower in Moc Chau -source: internet

Coming to Moc Chau, relax your mind and release your soul in these fields, wildflowers, watching other flowers with iridescent glory in sunlight. Go…. Moc Chau await you.

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