Food to need try in Ninh Binh

Food to need try in Ninh Binh

Com Chay Ninh Binh 
This rustic dish is featured in 10 Vietnamese specialties recognized as the delicious Asian record. The rice is cooked from sticky rice, seeds are round nuts, while cooking using cast iron and adjust fire appropriate to burn rice at the bottom. This fire is exposed two times three times before bringing the fry before eating.
Flamed rice is usually served with goat meat or heart stir-fried onions. This dish is very popular and packed, as a gift.
Com chay ninh Binh

Com chay ninh Binh- source: internet

Thit De Nui 
Ninh Binh mountain tough, sweet meat, tried once is very unforgettable. Although it is made into dozens of attractive dishes, re-dood is a unique dish with the most outstanding flavor. Boiled goat meat is cooked for re-thinning and sliced, mixed with lemon leaves, fresh peppers, ginger, citronella, roasted sesame seeds, lemon juice is perfect. Ginger and gherkin are served with apricot leaf, fig leaf, banana, which is not only delicious but also very nutritious.
Nem goat
The crispy, tough, fragrant meat, low fat from mountain goats are used by the Ninh Binh people to use as spring rolls popular in life. Not to be confused with any other type of spring rolls, goat nem is very expensive and sold for about 100,000 VND / roll of spring rolls.

Thit de nui 1

Thit de nui 1- source: internet

Salad fish
Kim Son is the place to be considered the best salty fish salad. Together with eels, fish are not easy catch. This dish is also processed periodically, so diners no longer feel fishy when enjoying. Cut the fish into slices, mix them with a roasted sticky rice, use crispy fried fish skin with salad, make use of fish bone to make vinegar. Vinegar is made with many other ingredients to make the sauce is dark orange color, beautiful aroma, flavor is unique.
Country flavors are evident in the dishes made of corn that reside in the peat mills specializing in peanut, corn, sweet potato. Roasted salads with seasoning seasonings are simple dishes that are placed in the tray of rice and vegetable soup.
Scrambled eggs
The harvest of ant eggs in season (from the second lunar month lunar calendar) is not simple, so the egg rolls of the Nho Quan area more and more famous. Fragrant plastic mixed with egg whites of round fat. Even do not need any food, you can dip all sticky rice from the time or not.

Enjoy the sweet tea in Danang

Enjoy the sweet tea in Danang

Da Nang is not only impressed people by the Cao Lau, Quang noodles and the friendliness of the people. Traveling to Da Nang, you can also enjoy the opportunity  delicious tea, in which you should not miss five unique charismatic attractive below: Travel to Danang with: Mekong cruise in Vietnam
Che xoa xoa Danang 
Pomegranate rub summer can be considered as one of the delicacies Da Nang style processing and flavor is very distinctive and different than the tea in all other regions.Agay in downtown Da Nang, around a busy road, visitors will find a tea shop Da Nang pomegranate seeds crowded to be able to visit the enjoyment. However, if more patience, visitors to Con market to enjoy the tea, which is considered the most delicious tea that few tea in Da Nang can match.
Che xoa Xoa

Che xoa Xoa- source: internet

Da Nang baked banana tea
Traveling to Danang on the days of windy weather, it is no wonder that you can enjoy a cup of Danang standard banana tea.

Da Nang baked banana tea

Da Nang baked banana tea- source: internet

Thai Da Nang tea
Da Nang tourism, you not only get to the famous tourist attractions but also have the opportunity to taste Thai tea flavor Danang.

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Thai Da Dang Tea is a harmonious combination of colors and flavors of fruits such as white milk of the label, jackfruit gold and hard rocket thistle. Along with that is the vibrant colors of the other extremely delicious fruit and vegetable. In particular, Thai Da Dan tea can not lack of durian juice mixed with a little coconut milk is coagulated and smooth as ice shavings.

Thai Danang tea

Thai Danang tea- source: internet

The most famous tea of ​​the city, Xuan Trang tea is extremely popular travelers. Accordingly, Xuan Trang tea is mixed black tea, black beans, red beans, peanuts, coconut water sometimes accompanied by some small coconut fiber, eaten delicious bùi nhùi nhùi.
Travel to Da Nang, you should visit the address at 31 Le Duan Street to enjoy the dishes Xuan Trang standard Danang. Certainly, with the unique aroma and taste you will always remember a trip full of joy and meaning.

How to choose Van Don in Halong to travel

Van Don Island district and Cam Pha ward is one of the best spots to explore in Vietnam. If you are planning to travel on Halong Bay cruise, let’s see some popular Halong Bay Cruise routers.
travel to Van Don

travel to Van Don- source: internet

Located on Bo Hon Island, in the center of the UNESCO-declared World Heritage area, the Sung Sot or Surprise Cave is one of the widest and finest grottoes of Halong Bay. Including steep slopes, a tilt with a bank of white sand, flat, Ti Top Island is a must-visit destination of all the cruise ships. Cua Van fishing village is a place where travelers are immersed in not only quiet, peaceful atmosphere, strangely seductive. To explore the splendid and majestic world wonder of Halong Bay, there are many optional Halong Bay cruise routes as follow. Additional points in the route: Bo Nau Cave (Virgin Cave, Luon Cave or Trong Cave).

Halong Bay in Vietnam

Halong Bay in Vietnam- source: internet

Dog Rock, Ba Hang fishing village, Dinh Huong Islet, Fighting Cocks (Ga Choi), Hoa Cuong fishing village.

Heavenly Palace (Thien Cung) Cave – Dog Rock, Ba Hang fishing village, Lu Huong – Dinh Huong Islet, Fighting Cocks (Ga Choi), Hoa Cuong fishing village.

Surprise Cave – Soi Sim or Ti Top Beach, Me Cung Cave – Luon Cave or Trinh Nu (Virgin) Cave or Trong Cave or Fairy Lake and Bo Nau Cave.

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Most of vegetable in Vietnam you must try

Most of vegetable in Vietnam you must try

When travelling Vietnam,  do not consult a list of popular vegetable in Vietnam for  travellers.  Water spinach, which used to be considered as a rustic veggie of the poor, has become an essential ingredient in some Vietnamese dishes including: garlic spinach. you can see more: cruise mekong delta
rau muong

Rau muong- source: internet

Being one of the indispensible veggies of Vietnam, cabbage is taken to the top list of ingredients in the cold season of many Vietnamese housewives.  Despite of looking like lettuce, cabbage has subtly different flavor. Its gently sweet taste could definitely seduce vegetarian lovers. However, not all travelers know that Vietnamese people regard bamboo shoots as a valuable source of food.

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rau bap cai

rau bap cai

As its name indicates, you can easily image how its taste is. from eating this veggie. Are you excited to try it and find the answer by yourself? They often stir fry chopped bitter melon with eggs, but bitter melon soup.  Ceylon spinach, which has appeared in folk verses and poems as a symbol of a rustic attractiveness in Vietnam. Besides, which is getting more and more popular in Vietnamese cuisine is ceylon spinach stir-fried with garlic.

According to scientific research, as bamboo shots are high in vitamins and dietary fiber as well as mineral substance, eating them is one of the best ways for you to maintain good general health and lose weight as well.

How to travel Moc Chau plateau in Vietnam

How to travel Moc Chau plateau in Vietnam

Every year, Moc Chau in the early wintertime with cold weather and blue sky attracts a large number of travelers and photographers. For more information you can click: ho chi minh city to phnom penh by boat
Moc Chau season of flower

Moc Chau season of flower- source: internet

Moc Chau Plateau, which is situated in Son La province, on a limestone plateau with an average altitude of 1000m over sea level, at a distance about 200 kilometers from the north-west of Hanoi.  What makes the scene more warmth with the firstly rays of the sun dawned on the Northwest plateau are simple woody houses doted somewhere in that fresh white color.  That is the reason why not by season, visitors traveling to Moc Chau on the flower seasons. In this charming town, the natural beauty of flowers is always colorful and fascinating.

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Moc Chau plateau in white

Moc Chau plateau in white- source: internet

Although the wildflowers are blossoming a lot, in tourists’ eyes, the pristine white flowers are still spectacular at all.

If you want to see an immense space with a huge fields of the wild cabbage’s flowers, don’t miss to go to Ban Ang pine forest, walk through a dirt road that is less than 1km.

Dai Yem waterfall, which is busy with wonderful blooming white flowers, agitated many visitors as the legendary Pha Luong peak.


5 basic safety rules when you cruising

5 basic safety rules when you cruising

Travelers are advised to avoid traveling by boat from December to April every year, always choose reputable names and need to equip themselves with the knowledge of protecting health and personal safety.
Traveling by boat can be a soothing journey with tourists wishing to resort. However, you need to pay attention to the following principles to ensure the smooth ride and secure.
For more information, you can click: Paradise cruises halong bay

Considering the time

If you choose to travel by yacht resort, you should consider buying tour on April, 5, 6 or September, when the weather is favorable 10.


Choice good cruise

You need to be very careful when choosing a yacht because this is where you will rest and relax during the journey. You can choose large or small yacht, graft union or leased, depending on the number of people in the group and individual needs. One thing you always have to keep in mind is chosen standard yacht fire, have enough life jackets and lifeboats for use in emergencies.
Preparing luggage.

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Double check those important documents such as passports, visas, identity cards, … before leaving and keeping careful when on a boat. You should choose a comfortable outfit to operate freely, particularly during the summer vacation.

Health care

Bring essential items such as shower gel, shampoo, towels, dry … hand sanitizer to prevent the risk of skin allergies or infectious diseases if you have to use a shared toilet. Also, sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hats, … will be the requisites for you during the voyage.

Infomation about Myanmar culture

Infomation about Myanmar culture

Arrive in Yangon. Welcome at the airport and transfer to Classique Inn, small family run hotel in a lovely, tranquil setting. Spend two nights in our Deluxe Teak Upstairs room. Enjoy an afternoon orientation tour of Yangon, visit ITS colonial heart with the Sule Pagoda over 2000 year old and discover the famous glittering Shwedagon till the sunset. Indochina travel Myanmar
Myanmar Cultural Tidbit

Myanmar culture tidbit

Myanmar culture tidbit

Myanmar is Burma with a new name. And it’s on the Brink of Becoming more “new world” Now That the foreign travel to this Asian country (west of Thailand, on the Bay of Bengal) is opening up. Sẽ có wreck it, my guess.

Puppet SHOW
Mua Roi Nuoc Is The Most Popular in Myanmar arts and culture show. The puppets are backed by expert manipulators who conversed, joked and ask for their relative humorous stories through puppets to the delight of the audience. At Least four manipulators took charge of a character using rods and strings handling at the back of the curtain and give voice to the puppets.




Ceremony is the unique characteristic Novitiation in Myanmar. This Ceremony Celebrates thường là khi the school holidays, mostly in summer holidays at March & April is before the water festival. In the Myanmar culture tradition the boys are compulsory to enter the Buddhist order for a week or more.
In the Myanmar Buddhist tradition it is compulsory có every boys over twenty eight years old to enter the Buddhist Order have to for a week or more as a novice and over twenty They have to enter the Order as ordained Monk again. At Least twice in his life he Becomes a member of the Order and sometimes more even level. They stay at a monastery is not Considered a Hardship vì it is a blessing for the whole family as well as for the Boys Themselves. Monks or novices can stay as Long As They Wish.

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