Most of vegetable in Vietnam you must try

When travelling Vietnam,  do not consult a list of popular vegetable in Vietnam for  travellers.  Water spinach, which used to be considered as a rustic veggie of the poor, has become an essential ingredient in some Vietnamese dishes including: garlic spinach. you can see more: cruise mekong delta
rau muong

Rau muong- source: internet

Being one of the indispensible veggies of Vietnam, cabbage is taken to the top list of ingredients in the cold season of many Vietnamese housewives.  Despite of looking like lettuce, cabbage has subtly different flavor. Its gently sweet taste could definitely seduce vegetarian lovers. However, not all travelers know that Vietnamese people regard bamboo shoots as a valuable source of food.

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rau bap cai

rau bap cai

As its name indicates, you can easily image how its taste is. from eating this veggie. Are you excited to try it and find the answer by yourself? They often stir fry chopped bitter melon with eggs, but bitter melon soup.  Ceylon spinach, which has appeared in folk verses and poems as a symbol of a rustic attractiveness in Vietnam. Besides, which is getting more and more popular in Vietnamese cuisine is ceylon spinach stir-fried with garlic.

According to scientific research, as bamboo shots are high in vitamins and dietary fiber as well as mineral substance, eating them is one of the best ways for you to maintain good general health and lose weight as well.


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