Mekong river- a destination you must visit when travelling Vietnam

In the morning, you may be see about 30 boats congregating just pasting where the Chau Doc River merges into the Hau River.  Despite of not being as large as the Cai Be Floating Market near Can Tho, the Chau Doc Floating Market still has its own vibrant and colorful charm making it beautiful. pandaw cruise
travel to Mekong river

travel to Mekong river- source: internet

Not only there’s less haggling in the floating market than in a land-based one, they are also much quieter. Locals don’t need to hawk their goods but conveniently display them on long poles for people to see.

Chau Doc Floating Market provides a photographer with so a lot of subjects, angles and colors making it such a pleasure to shoot.  Most of the purchasers are smaller boats, re-sellers, who come and buy goods to then either supply smaller markets or to sell themselves at the market. Although there’re a lot of boats for hire, most of these boats tend to be small, without room to maneuver.

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mekong river cruise

mekong river cruise- source: internet

Since you are able to move about the boat, from side to side and front to back, using a larger boat that is still river-level (as opposed to the larger two-story cruise boats). The boats are often piled high with produce which means the only way to move things is tossing them from one place to another! The Vietnamese sailors have numerous superstitions like many seamen around the world who work around the dangers inherent to water, whether it is lakes, rivers or open oceans. Do expect to haggle on pricing. Do not expect the drivers to speak much English.



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