Delicious food in Meo Vac, Hà Giang

Meo Vac District belongs to Ha Giang. Cau Vac is a region with many tourist attractions, creating a multicolored picture such as Ma Li Leng National Scenic Spot, Flower Forest, Khau Vai Love Market … Let Mytour support you to To make your reservation at the Meo Vac Hotel quick and easy, please select your preferred dates of stay and proceed with our secure online booking form.

Once you come to Meo Vac, try the tasting of Thang Long, to feel the warmth spreading between the vast clouds and the peace and simplicity of the land of highland.
Let’s enjoy delicious dishes from Meo Vac
If Ha Giang is famous for specialty triumphs, then to me, it is really fascinated from the pure but pure Thang. We chose Meo Vac as the last stop in the journey to conquer Ha Giang, the land front of the country. From Dong Van to Meo Vac is late afternoon. My group, everyone is tired and hungry. We drove around the town, exploring the specialties here for a dinner menu. To Meo Vac market, which is the kind of cake, bread, sticky rolls, smoked steak full of attractive but leave the attraction in me is the Thang Long, the cake looked familiar but strange.
Broth is one of the factors that make the taste delicious, unique of this cake. Although they are made from water, sugar, ginger, but each person has the secret to make biscuits, to separate the water to ensure the spicy, moderate sweet.

I steamed the hot bowl of smoke, I sniffed to warm spicy flavor in the taste, then enjoy 2 – 3 small cake at a time, put in the mouth and feel the toughness of sticky rice Blends with the spicy se se of ginger, up the scent of sesame peanuts. In the midst of the cold of winter, just eat and feel the bowl of bread winners will warm the hearts of all customers when they conquered the passages of the sleeve. In the early morning, in the Meo Vac market, we will make an appointment to enjoy Thang Long once again to feel and remember the warm flavor on the land of Ha Giang …

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