Hightlight of North Vietnam

The majestic beauty of the landscape at the resort in the north of Vietnam, tourists always feel absolute satisfaction upon reaching the visit.

Whether consulted before the information or have heard much about the northern resort before deciding to book tours or arrange yourself tour, visitors can not avoid admiring the sheer beauty convenience of the resort when see firsthand the beauty of the resort here.
SAPA This is the destination of the youth and couples to travel, check-in not only by the most romantic looks that bring this land but also suitable for young wallet. Speaking to Sapa is not only comes to the familiar sights and also love markets and food stalls rich attractions. Indochina tours Vietnam


You can visit the Moc Chau into any time of the year, because the climate is always cool in Moc Chau, Moc Chau into every season has its own beauty and the various attractions. You is time to vaoThang 3 of the flowers blooming, May 5-6 season in early September plum with Independence Festival of Mongolia, December is the season of wild sunflowers. In addition to Moc Chau when you also enjoy the Hill tea green stretches, visit bib Falls Strip and also.

Moc Chau a peaceful commnue in Vietnam

Moc Chau a peaceful commnue in Vietnam

Tam Dao

Hanoi the capital, about 80 km. Located in the northern districts of Tam Dao Tam Dao resort Vinh Phuc province is covered by primary forest in Tam Dao National, with climatic conditions in clean, cool with average temperatures of 18 ° C year. Tam Dao is very favorable for the development of eco-tourism, resort. Recently, Tam Dao became an attractive destination to attract a lot of tourists come here especially for young people.

Tam Dao

Tam Dao

Ho nui Coc

Nui Coc Lake Nui Coc Lake is an artificial lake, this is the place to be many tourists choose to holiday weekends, or picnics in the day. Ho Nui Coc also associated with the legend of Chang and her Coc Cong. With natural landscapes very beautiful Ho Nui Coc is like a “Ha Long” microcosm of Taiyuan.

Ho Nui Coc

Ho Nui Coc

Co To island

Co To Island is a collection of many small island located in the Gulf of Tonkin, Quang Ninh province, including large island islands and Coto Coto small, island Tran … In which the most famous is the large Co To Island, are considered island paradise of the North sea, close to the port of Cai Rong about 3 hours by train. Where tourism is yet to develop much so this place retains the pristine beauty of nature bestowed. Come to Co you will be satisfied to admire the beautiful and romantic beaches, participate in many exciting games and enjoy the specialties characterized seafood island with abundant resources, rich.

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