Tet luna holidays in Vietnam

Chinese New Year, also known as The Festival, is the largest traditional festival, the oldest, has the widest range of popular, from Nam Quan to Ca Mau and the islands, the most jubilant and bustle of people hair. From the ancient century the Ly, Tran, Le and his father was celebrating the New Year to a formal yearly. Indochina tours Laos
Lunar New Year is the first step and the most important festival in Vietnam system, that the “holidays” as well as the “Assembly” are very rich content as well as all forms, brings a profound human values and charming.
The ancestors identified just in time for New Year The end of a year old, starting a new year according to the lunar calendar, is a cosmic cycle operation, reflects the spirit of harmony between man and nature ( land-God-creature), word meaning RAW started, the gentiles means dawn, is the beginning of a new year. At the same time, the New Year is also a time for family, relatives, neighbors, near and far relatives reunion, reunion, visiting and wished each other and grateful memory of grandparents, ancestors.
Chung cake

Chung cake

Chung cake

Banh Tet is an offering made according to the traditional doctrine of the agricultural population, namely inhabitants implantation (trimmed) rice (glutinous). Affordable, the traditional doctrine has more ancient age the concept of “round heaven and square earth” of the area and banh chung cake? …
Temple ceremonies, Please Loc First Year – Vietnamese cultural beauty
Zen Touch players lucky door
For Vietnam, the festival is the cultural capital characteristics, expressed the desire for a happy life and longevity. Yet, for every degree of Xuan, though immersed in the atmosphere, many Vietnamese Tet festival has not forgotten to the temple incense, pray for peace, good health, good luck and happiness. So also, keep the pagoda became the first cultural beauty in all strata of society.

li xi dau nam moi

Li xi dau nam moi

Mung tuoi
Eve, after the countdown ceremony finished, there are separate ceremonies that continue to this day from the countryside to urban areas still hold many followers.
Pagodas and communal houses, temples: the countdown ceremony at the finish, people pull together to feast the houses, pagodas, temples, blessing being power to plow, to ask Buddha, God bless the prime responsibility for themselves and for the family . And people often ask occasion of the first hexagram.

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