Traditional dishes in Vietnam Tet luna

Vietnamese people consider that on Tet holiday, everything was prepared well, newly. So, the days before Tet, families start preparing, cleaning their home and shopping. They usually clean and decorate the house with flowers, shopping for food … carefully to welcome Tet when you come to Indochina travel Vietnam
Tet holidays is the most important celebration of Vietnamese festival. Through the foods meticulously prepared that brings families together in gastronomic enjoyment – the Tet is always mindful of the connection between humans and their natural and spiritual world.
Sticky Rice Cake (Banh Chung)
Sticky Rice Cake is created by Lang Lieu – the last prince of 6 Hung Dynasty in the cooking contest to choose new king. The cake is in square or circle shape and symbolize the earth. It represents respect and gratitude of Vietnamese people to their ancestor.

Chung cake

Chung cake -source: internet

Xôi gấc (Sticky rice with baby jackfruit, pronounced “Xoi Gac”)
Xôi gấc is bright red, so obvious you eat it for good luck in the new year. Want to fall in love with a hottie that’s sweet and smart? Eat xôi gấc. Want all forms of good fortune? You should probably eat xôi gấc.
Dua Hanh
Dua Hanh are usually used as a side dish coming along with Chung Cake or fatty dishes (frozen meat, Chinese braised meat, boiled meat) for reducing the greasiness. The sweetness, sourness, slight spiciness of pickled onions will help to improve the flavor of the dishes as well as to help the body digest food easier.

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Dua hanh

Dua hanh -source: internet

Boiled Chicken (Thit ga luoc)
Boiled chicken is a must dish on Tet traditional tray of foods. The recipe is very easy: clean the chicken with head and leg, put it into a pot of water and boil until it’s well-done. This dish is a favorite in Tet days.

boiled chicken

boiled chicken -source: internet

Braised Pork and Eggs in Caramel Sauce (Thit kho tau)
Some prefer cooking this food with pork belly while others use fatty pork or pork legs.Pork is cut into cubes and soak in garlic, fish sauce, sault, sugar and caramel. The eggs are use in this food because it symbolizes the goodness and happiness. Eggs are hard-boiled and peeled. The pork and peeled hard-boiled eggs are cook in a pot for a about 2 hours. The dish is often served with pickles.

Thit kho tau

Thit kho tau -source: internet

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