Food to need try in Ninh Binh

Com Chay Ninh Binh 
This rustic dish is featured in 10 Vietnamese specialties recognized as the delicious Asian record. The rice is cooked from sticky rice, seeds are round nuts, while cooking using cast iron and adjust fire appropriate to burn rice at the bottom. This fire is exposed two times three times before bringing the fry before eating.
Flamed rice is usually served with goat meat or heart stir-fried onions. This dish is very popular and packed, as a gift.
Com chay ninh Binh

Com chay ninh Binh- source: internet

Thit De Nui 
Ninh Binh mountain tough, sweet meat, tried once is very unforgettable. Although it is made into dozens of attractive dishes, re-dood is a unique dish with the most outstanding flavor. Boiled goat meat is cooked for re-thinning and sliced, mixed with lemon leaves, fresh peppers, ginger, citronella, roasted sesame seeds, lemon juice is perfect. Ginger and gherkin are served with apricot leaf, fig leaf, banana, which is not only delicious but also very nutritious.
Nem goat
The crispy, tough, fragrant meat, low fat from mountain goats are used by the Ninh Binh people to use as spring rolls popular in life. Not to be confused with any other type of spring rolls, goat nem is very expensive and sold for about 100,000 VND / roll of spring rolls.

Thit de nui 1

Thit de nui 1- source: internet

Salad fish
Kim Son is the place to be considered the best salty fish salad. Together with eels, fish are not easy catch. This dish is also processed periodically, so diners no longer feel fishy when enjoying. Cut the fish into slices, mix them with a roasted sticky rice, use crispy fried fish skin with salad, make use of fish bone to make vinegar. Vinegar is made with many other ingredients to make the sauce is dark orange color, beautiful aroma, flavor is unique.
Country flavors are evident in the dishes made of corn that reside in the peat mills specializing in peanut, corn, sweet potato. Roasted salads with seasoning seasonings are simple dishes that are placed in the tray of rice and vegetable soup.
Scrambled eggs
The harvest of ant eggs in season (from the second lunar month lunar calendar) is not simple, so the egg rolls of the Nho Quan area more and more famous. Fragrant plastic mixed with egg whites of round fat. Even do not need any food, you can dip all sticky rice from the time or not.


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