Dring tea in Saigon

Coconut car sales from 1995 to now is the familiar point of the Saigon hot days. The coconut water here is quite simple, coconut milk mixed with coconut milk cut into slices stored in a large bucket. When guests call, the owner of the store to glass, a little bit jam (whipped). Coconut shells are sweet, cool and soothing, is the beverage to attract customers. The shop is from morning till 10 pm, not always empty. The price of a glass is 12,000. Vietnam tours packages
Ho Chi Minh City has a cane juice shop, but the corner of Phan Dinh Phung – Cao Thang (Phu Nhuan district) attracts visitors during 50 years. Raw material is also sugar cane juice and tangerine pressed is frozen in the ice bucket, as in other places, but according to some customers, the sugar cane juice here is quite quality, less ice, rich.

nuoc dua

nuoc dua

The restaurant has a few seats, but most customers queue to bring back, the owner always hand crushed sugar, poured into the glass for guests. The price of a glass is 10,000 VND, which is higher than the average level in Ho Chi Minh City, because most of sugar cane sidewalks cost VND 5,000-7,000 per glass.

nuoc mia

nuoc mia- source: internet

This ginseng is often said by the Saigon people as “the cause of traffic jam” Dinh Tien Hoang – Dien Bien Phu by the number of winter visitors waiting to turn in each direction. Small car but with up to 5 service staff, to load the car standing on the car waiting on the sidewalk. The most famous here is ginseng cotton ginseng, ginseng seaweed price 7,000 VND a glass. According to many people, ginseng here is processed simply, not much flavor from the leaves as in Cho Lon, the sweetness is quite bar, not black.

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nuoc sam co ba

nuoc sam co ba- source: internet

Failure, no car, no seats … but the name “tea city theater” is very famous in District 1. Simply plastic cups milk tea to “thanks” on the doorstep, Or the steps of the theater … When there are buyers, the owner adds more stone. Milk tea does not have many flavors to choose from, mainly peach, apple, mint … but perhaps enjoying this refreshment in the area around many 5 star hotels, Crowded. Price for a small glass is 9,000 VND, large cup 15,000 VND.


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