Infomation about Myanmar culture

Arrive in Yangon. Welcome at the airport and transfer to Classique Inn, small family run hotel in a lovely, tranquil setting. Spend two nights in our Deluxe Teak Upstairs room. Enjoy an afternoon orientation tour of Yangon, visit ITS colonial heart with the Sule Pagoda over 2000 year old and discover the famous glittering Shwedagon till the sunset. Indochina travel Myanmar
Myanmar Cultural Tidbit

Myanmar culture tidbit

Myanmar culture tidbit

Myanmar is Burma with a new name. And it’s on the Brink of Becoming more “new world” Now That the foreign travel to this Asian country (west of Thailand, on the Bay of Bengal) is opening up. Sẽ có wreck it, my guess.

Puppet SHOW
Mua Roi Nuoc Is The Most Popular in Myanmar arts and culture show. The puppets are backed by expert manipulators who conversed, joked and ask for their relative humorous stories through puppets to the delight of the audience. At Least four manipulators took charge of a character using rods and strings handling at the back of the curtain and give voice to the puppets.




Ceremony is the unique characteristic Novitiation in Myanmar. This Ceremony Celebrates thường là khi the school holidays, mostly in summer holidays at March & April is before the water festival. In the Myanmar culture tradition the boys are compulsory to enter the Buddhist order for a week or more.
In the Myanmar Buddhist tradition it is compulsory có every boys over twenty eight years old to enter the Buddhist Order have to for a week or more as a novice and over twenty They have to enter the Order as ordained Monk again. At Least twice in his life he Becomes a member of the Order and sometimes more even level. They stay at a monastery is not Considered a Hardship vì it is a blessing for the whole family as well as for the Boys Themselves. Monks or novices can stay as Long As They Wish.

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