Enjoy Banh xeo in Vietnam

Not only a country with tons of amazing destinations to travel, but also a food heaven where you will fall in love immediately when you set your foot here. You can read more: Sticky rice for breakfast in Hanoi

The secret is the regions of VietNam produce an incredible variety of ingredients, whether meats and fish, vegetables, and herbs and spices, a benefit unparalleled in neighboring cultures and cuisines.  Maybe you’ve read about it previously but seriously, the experience of trying it yourself is more fun wayof course.  But I think this name is not really good translation for Banh Xeo. Actually, the origin of Banh Xeo is not in Hanoi, this is a traditional cake of Southern province of Vietnam. For Vietnamese, if it had that name, it was because the sound when we prepare this speacil dish. Just my guest, of course.

banh xeo

banh xeo

When I traveled to Hoi An, a small and old town in Da Nang, I had a chance to take part in making Banh Xeo. Have them ready in the beginning of each step. Then for the filling some fatty belly pork, carrots, and some pear squash for sweetness and flavor heart.  The trick is to hold the pan and thrown the batter in from the side and imediately add some vegestable such as carrot, spring onion and if you have something like bean sprout that’s really nice as well. When you lift it up, the golden batter looks perfect, that is good to go turn that over.  Then add your selection of fresh vegetables served in the basket  and roll the leaf neatly. That’s enough to attract a lot of tourists coming to. After you have a roll, dip in fish sauce included minced garlic, red chili in small pieces, a little sugar and lemon or vinegar instead and have a big bite to taste all that flavors in your mouth! Superb! Dring tea in Saigon

enjoy banh xeo

enjoy banh xeo- source: internet


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