Travel to Moc Chau to pick plum

Even from late afternoon till late evening, each household still has to send a person to sleep in the garden to be able to monitor and care for plum trees. Despite the hard work, the hills are filled with talking, laughing, singing of local people here. The visitors will have the opportunity to go into the plum garden to enjoy the ripe plum, take photos and together harvest plums with local people. Holidays Indochina
pickkk plum in Moc Chau

pickkk plum in Moc Chau- source: internet

Moc Chau is famous for its vast plum blossoms, plum orchards when it comes to the season. White plum blossom is considered a typical beauty of Moc Chau, which makes it different from other places. Some flowers such as cauliflowers, wild sunflowers in Moc Chau do not scatterly grow but often blossom as a hill or valley. : Coming to Moc Chau, Son La these days, visitors can admire the thousands of plum trees lying along the roads. Any tourist who travels to the Northwest of Vietnam also wishes once in a lifetime to come to Moc Chau plum garden to enjoy the fresh and ripe plums. And the heart of people, standing before a blooming white plum hills do not have to wonder which tree is more beautiful than any tree. . Like plum flowers, tens of thousands of trees grow close together, so at the right time the whole plum hills blossom like a new white coat in a pure blue sky. Visitors immerse in the beauty of Moc Chau with white plum blossom. However, plum flowers only beautifully bloom within 2 to 3 weeks, so if tourists intend to go to Moc Chau, arrange the best occasion. At the moment before or after Lunar New Year, Moc Chau welcomes many tourist arrivals, who want to admire the beauty in plum blossom season. At this time on the hills, there always exist H’Mong girls and boys, who are taking care for each plum tree to have the best harvest. Pelican cruises halong bay

Moc chau

Moc chau

When the plum season comes, they go to the garden to directly buy and sell in delta area. Moc Chau Plateau is blessed with favorable climate for plum trees to grow and develop, which help producing crispy, fresh and quality plum in comparison with plums in the other areas The joy and happy smile of the people when their hard work is achieved as plum not only brings beauty to the plateau but also a great source of income for the villagers. Fresh and delicious plums after harvest will be sold to dealers in the garden or many families will directly bring plums to the market.

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