Banh Trung- special cake in Tet holidays

“Banh chung side watermelon red green, yellow apricot branch fresh peach branch party” … the image has long been familiar in the mind of the Vietnamese New Year Spring every time. Heaven and earth are full of Spring Beauty reconciliation, along all the country from rural to urban bustle again eagerly prepared, prepared for three days of Tet decent, adequate. Would not be complete if the stock wheels missing on New Year early spring, as indispensable a rice cake on a platter stock tet and in the hearts of the Vietnamese land.

trung cake in Tet Vietnam

trung cake in Tet Vietnam

Legend has it that, on the occasion of the beginning of spring, the 6th King Hung life has summoned you to transfer that: anybody find ancestors offered gifts to the king of attention will be to abdicate. Since then, the person on the forest, into the sea who find rubies and precious products offered King. Lang Lieu – the poorest children – are not able to find those rare commodities. He went daily agricultural use including sticky rice, green beans, pork and the line to create the kind of chung cake to symbolize the rising sun land. Lang Lieu offering that suits the Hung kings, the king has the throne to him. Since then banh chung become indispensable items in the ancestor worship ritual to express the traditional drinking water source memory.

Chung cake symbolizes the land with blue representing the grassy, green beans representing fruits, pork represents animals, and sticky rice for human representative. Line is used to make bread pack green color. The main natural green leaves makes this dish pack so special and eye-catching. In some areas it is replaced by a banana leaf leaves line, even leaves the bladder.
Over time, banh chung became an indispensable dish on New Year’s Day. Meaning of banh chung Tet in stock wheels not only in combination produce of the earth but also the family warmth. In the chilly New Year, the whole family gathered together packages banh chung, boisterous laughter. Night mode cake soup pot boiling on the fire red, everyone narrator years old, looking forward to a new year of happiness and peace. With the expatriate children and families just sitting in this warm moment is already full meaning of union members.
Tet bold ethnic status

Tonkin cultural features on New Year’s Day is on the ancestral altar displays fruit tray, jams, wine, bottle of fresh spring flowers and be sure to have proof bread. Banh chung after rising ancestors, be moved down for all to enjoy.
Surely we will not spare words dainty switch plates of delicious food, fatty, aromatic and also looks beautiful. Banh chung exalted pride of the culinary culture of Vietnam during its long history. It’s just unique foods, both close without error, not adapted from any of the bread of other countries. Is unique in that: This cake Own Vietnam created from material very close and easy search of folk such as sticky rice, pork, onion, pepper, green beans, leaves line the forest (or leaves banana, bamboo …), crackers stretch … sometimes adding some extra ingredients such as fruit bunches line (red when ripe), Gac fruit … to increase the beautiful color for the cake .
Said banh chung Tet bold ethnic taste is so. Rare are making cakes intact harmonized position on earth mingled culinary flair of traditional Tet. If three days of Tet to spring for that lack taste banh chung on the family dinner table is seen as an integral part missing.


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