Enjoy the sweet tea in Danang

Da Nang is not only impressed people by the Cao Lau, Quang noodles and the friendliness of the people. Traveling to Da Nang, you can also enjoy the opportunity  delicious tea, in which you should not miss five unique charismatic attractive below: Travel to Danang with: Mekong cruise in Vietnam
Che xoa xoa Danang 
Pomegranate rub summer can be considered as one of the delicacies Da Nang style processing and flavor is very distinctive and different than the tea in all other regions.Agay in downtown Da Nang, around a busy road, visitors will find a tea shop Da Nang pomegranate seeds crowded to be able to visit the enjoyment. However, if more patience, visitors to Con market to enjoy the tea, which is considered the most delicious tea that few tea in Da Nang can match.
Che xoa Xoa

Che xoa Xoa- source: internet

Da Nang baked banana tea
Traveling to Danang on the days of windy weather, it is no wonder that you can enjoy a cup of Danang standard banana tea.

Da Nang baked banana tea

Da Nang baked banana tea- source: internet

Thai Da Nang tea
Da Nang tourism, you not only get to the famous tourist attractions but also have the opportunity to taste Thai tea flavor Danang.

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Thai Da Dang Tea is a harmonious combination of colors and flavors of fruits such as white milk of the label, jackfruit gold and hard rocket thistle. Along with that is the vibrant colors of the other extremely delicious fruit and vegetable. In particular, Thai Da Dan tea can not lack of durian juice mixed with a little coconut milk is coagulated and smooth as ice shavings.

Thai Danang tea

Thai Danang tea- source: internet

The most famous tea of ​​the city, Xuan Trang tea is extremely popular travelers. Accordingly, Xuan Trang tea is mixed black tea, black beans, red beans, peanuts, coconut water sometimes accompanied by some small coconut fiber, eaten delicious bùi nhùi nhùi.
Travel to Da Nang, you should visit the address at 31 Le Duan Street to enjoy the dishes Xuan Trang standard Danang. Certainly, with the unique aroma and taste you will always remember a trip full of joy and meaning.


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